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Services & Programs

Horses for Healing


Horses for Healing equine-assisted therapy services are interactive sessions tailored to meet the mental health needs of our clients. The therapeutic team consists of a licensed mental health professional, a certified equine specialist, and one or more horses. There is no riding involved. In fact, horses play a completely different role in the therapeutic process. Through genuine interactions, clients are able to use the horse's feedback to learn more about themselves and practice new skills in the moment. Building relationships with the horses is also beneficial for clients with trauma, attachment issues, and those seeking to develop coping and emotional regulation skills. Other benefits include increased self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, and ability to set boundaries. Individual sessions are 50-60 minutes. Group sessions are 90 minutes.

If you are facing anxiety, depression, interpersonal issues, trauma, addiction, PSTD, an eating disorder, or just need new strategies for coping with life's obstacles, this is the program for you.

Professional Development Retreats

Equine Reflections' Professional Development Retreat is a fun, engaging, and interactive team-building experience that uses equine-assisted activities to build leadership skills, improve communications, and help corporate teams connect on a deeper level. As you work as a team, your horse partners will act as a real-time performance review, providing honest feedback as you go. Our team of certified and accomplished facilitators are selected carefully for their commitment, passion, professionalism, and diverse backgrounds. Many of our team members have walked in your shoes.


By linking your experiences and challenges to our horses, you will clarify and build the skills and behaviors of high performing teams. Horse experience is not necessary and no riding is involved. All of your experiences will take place on the ground. The length of this retreat will be customized to fit the size of your team and goals that you have. We offer half day, full day, and weekend options.


Whoa to Bullying, Giddy Up To Kindness


The Whoa to Bullying, Giddy Up to Kindness field trip is a one-of-a-kind equine-assisted experience that focuses on the problem of bullying and how to stop it. Our field trip program is based on the principles of character-based education which promotes kindness and consideration of others. The benefits of this program include growing in self-awareness about what constitutes bullying, setting healthy boundaries and taking responsibility for better choices, developing empathy and compassion, and identifying advocates and safe adults who can help. Though this field trip incorporates the use of horses as teachers, no riding is involved and no horsemanship experience is required. Our team can adjust interactive activities to match students’ abilities and level of comfort with the horses.


Horsemanship Empowerment

Learn the language of equine communication.


The Horsemanship Empowerment program, conducted by Bonny Barry, a certified equine specialist, is designed for persons who want to achieve horsemanship skills that create a true partnership with the horse. Learning to communicate with the horse effectively and consistently is a key component of training. The participant will gain insight, knowledge, and confidence through on-the-ground equine training in the open-air covered arena. Horsemanship Empowerment includes personalized education, instruction, and skills-building, through an array of ground training and equine-assisted learning methods such as liberty training.

Both youth and adult programs are available. Children must be at least 7 years of age. Beginners are welcome, as well as seasoned equestrians who want a fresh approach. The youth program focuses on leadership and confidence-building.


Individual and group sessions are offered. Group programming can be tailored to specific ages, needs, level of expertise and range from 2 to 4 participants.

The program is located at Carousel Farms partnering with Equine Reflections' horses and tack. Off-site programming is offered with participant(s) horse(s) on a case by case basis. To ensure a safe environment that is beneficial to learning,  this decision is dependent on the location,  type of facility, arena space, and horse(s).  A specialized halter and lead rope are required for training.

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