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A horse listens to a person's problems

The Power
of Horses

At Equine Reflections, our mission is to bring horses and humans into a cooperative relationship where intuitive exchanges inspire self-awareness, healing, and growth. We leverage the power of horses to help individuals, families, communities, and organizations thrive.

Featured Service

Common Issues:

  • Communication problems

  • Marital conflict

  • Academic problems

  • Lack of quality time together

  • Child behavior problems

  • Parenting problems

No horse experience necessary. Enjoy time together without the screens or distractions!

Family Sessions

Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy session


We offer many different programs, from equine assisted psychotherapy, 
team building, and horsemanship empowerment.

A horse in a pasture

Our Horses

Horses have natural abilities and traits that make them excellent teachers
and therapists.


Clyde the Horse on the pedastal

Get Involved

We are always looking for volunteers, sponsors, and donations - those three make serving possible!


My daughter was silenced by bullies until she worked with a horse and found her voice again.

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