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Equine Reflection Horses

Our Horse Heros

Why Horses?


Horses have natural abilities and traits that make them excellent teachers and therapists. Their heightened senses allow them to mirror feelings and behaviors in a non-judgmental way. As prey animals, horses maintain an acute awareness of their immediate surroundings. This innate vigilance allows them to perceive emotional states accurately in the present moment. Horses are truthful; they never lie. 

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I am a 6 year old paint gelding. I went from being abused and neglected to becoming adored and appreciated. Since I know what it is like to feel unwanted and unloved, I connect well with people who have experienced abandonment and loss of trust. Some say my special healing power is the way I help people discover how to “dream” again. One of my clients was heard saying, “He made me realize that my life now has hope and promise.”

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I am an 8-year-old pinto gelding who learned how to trust again. Patiently, my rescue owner helped me rediscover my many talents. My self-worth soared when I heard the therapist say, “After eight months of trying other methods, Gumbo was able to teach my client calmness in just two sessions.”

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I am a 7 year old palomino half-draft. Before I came to Carousal Farms I was beaten and abused over and over again. As a result, I became untouchable and afraid of humans. When Bonny saw me, she noticed the softness in my eyes. She knew I had a heart for helping. I have been helping hearts and minds heal for over a year now. I am grateful for my second “chance” at life and the opportunity to make a difference.

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Chubby Checkers

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Teddy Bear

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