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Horsemanship Empowerment

Learn the language of equine communication.


The Horsemanship Empowerment program, conducted by Bonny Barry, a certified equine specialist, is designed for persons who want to achieve horsemanship skills that create a true partnership with the horse. Learning to communicate with the horse effectively and consistently is a key component of training. The participant will gain insight, knowledge, and confidence through on-the-ground equine training in the open-air covered arena. Horsemanship Empowerment includes personalized education, instruction, and skills-building, through an array of ground training and equine-assisted learning methods such as liberty training.

Both youth and adult programs are available. Children must be at least 7 years of age. Beginners are welcome, as well as seasoned equestrians who want a fresh approach. The youth program focuses on leadership and confidence-building.


Individual and group sessions are offered. Group programming can be tailored to specific ages, needs, level of expertise and range from 2 to 4 participants.

The program is located at Carousel Farms partnering with Equine Reflections' horses and tack. Off-site programming is offered with participant(s) horse(s) on a case by case basis. To ensure a safe environment that is beneficial to learning,  this decision is dependent on the location,  type of facility, arena space, and horse(s).  A specialized halter and lead rope are required for training.

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